Soul Connections Community Center

Are you looking to connect with your true nature in nature?

Join us in May 2025 to actually change your mind in your body for in-depth and multi dimensional healing!

How does it get any better than being in water together, opening our hearts and experiencing a call and response with the dolphins, who represent joy and heart healing?

As an avid ocean lover, Veruschka has been swimming in the open ocean on the Big Island of Hawai’i since 2008 with numerous spinner dolphin encounters. In 2015, about 30 of them swam up to her after her closest relative, her grandmother had passed away. Heavy with grief, she entered the ocean and they surrounded her, causing her to alternately laugh and cry for roughly 30 minutes. A sense of complete joy was replaced from the grief, and sorrow has never crossed her nervous system in relation to her grandmother since – a true miraculous emotional healing.

In this retreat, our intention is for deep healing on a cellular level, opening to our interconnectedness and miracles that we are calling in. With our intentions, with singing to the dolphins, sharing sound healing, yoga and emotional freedom technique, this will be a once in a lifetime quantum healing journey where we open to transformation on a cellular level.

veruschla and catherine at soul connections community centerCatherine is a sound healer and shares her sonar technique of singing to the dolphins. This opens up our gateways of experiencing that all of life is a call and response. When we call from the heart, the universe can’t help but respond to us.

On land, we will activate and nourish our nervous system by sharing Rose Yoga with Veruschka, going deep into easy yoga postures and changing our narrative with our body by using tapping, also called Emotional Freedom Technique. With this modality, we can access and resolve stored fear and trauma and this can also support you from any resistance you have to going into the ocean and swimming freely with the dolphins.

The potential for deep healing in body, mind and spirit is amplified by this process of “changing your mind in your body”, borrowing benefits from each other as we shift negative energy together and permanently transmute old stories and then receive the blessings and unconditional love from the dolphins who already see us as pure love.

We will enjoy sharing circles in the evening with some restorative movement with sound healing and delicious meals.

Please join us in this unforgettable experience and expect miracles! Your heart will thank you for your courage ~

Come resolve trauma and tension while opening our hearts together and call in the dolphins, finding your unique voice
We will “change our minds in our bodies” while we immerse ourselves in nature and dive into the resonance of joy and play

Week includes:

  • stress release with EFT (Emotional freedom release)
  • sound healing & toning
  • healing yoga & dance
  • our own boat for ocean exploring to play with dolphins
  • healthy meals & lovely shared accommodation

Price: 2,555 per person

Contact us for payment plan:

Travel insurance is recommended for unforeseen weather conditions, etc

Meet your guides

catherine with dolphins

Catherine Vergeer

Catherine owns and operates a popular crystal shop in Mount Shasta, also offering a multitude of transformational classes in an associated Community Center. She is a passionate and experienced sound healer, mother and grandmother who has had decades of experience swimming with and singing to whales and dolphins internationally.

Catherine uses vocal sounds which inspires her desire to pass on the profound effect sound healing has had on her. People can be healers and empowered by their own voice. Sound healing workshops hosted by Catherine will have a demonstration segment and attendees will also have the opportunity to practice their own toning healing themselves and others. Toning helps heal physical and emotional pain. You will experience altered states and reduce stress. The experience is profound.

veruschka at oceanVeruschka Normandeau

Veruschka is a global citizen raised in Hawaii, Germany and Southern California. She is a transformational mind-set and life coach, a Master EFT practitioner and has been clearing trauma and stress with individuals and groups since 2007. She is a workshop leader offering evolutionary modalities and retreat facilitator and has guided groups in Hawaii, Mt Shasta, Texas and Germany with a focus on new earth consciousness. As a yoga teacher and flower essence practitioner, she has helped permanently resolve physical conditions, PTSD, addictions and patterns. After life long chronic pain, fibromyalgia and back issues, she has been pain free since 2012.

Founder of Rose Yoga – Tapping into Heart Courage, a hub for the healing arts and radical self-love, she offers numerous online programs, creative healing, flower formulas and a podcast to assist the inquisitive soul for their best life. In her free time she enjoys alchemical photo portrait shoots, dancing, adventuring in nature and making her life her art.

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